Local sea life adventures in Sisimiut, Greenland

This is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

I offer private boat safari along Sisimiut where I’ve been sailing for more than 25 years now. I know the sea around Sisimiut like the back of my hand.

On a 2 hour trip with me you’ll not just go on a whale safari. We’ll try to see if we can see some seals as well, and get close to them.

During winter time you can experience walrus’, seals on ice and go ice fishing.

In both seasons I also offer a trip to the abandoned village Assaqutaq, and to catch your own fish and bring it home if you want.
Ice fishing is during april-may on the edge of the ice, here you can catch Pacific Ocean Perch and cod fish.
During june, july, august you can catch atlantic wolffish, cod fish, pacific ocean perch, arctic char.
During september and october you can catch salmon.

If you want to go for a longer or shorter trip just contact me.
I also offer transfer if that is needed.